Friday, 15 January 2010

It's Bath Time

Artwork by : Fadzlan Rizan Johani
Title : It's Bath Time
Medium : Acrylic
Canvas Size : 60 cm x 120 cm
Created : 2009
Status : Private collection

I hereby certify this to be a genuine authorized artwork of mine


Children love water. They can stay in bath until they turned blue. While bathing they will always be happy. Playing with bubbles and toys, turning an ordinary toiletries into amazing spaceships, swimming, scuba diving, pretending it's raining, etc.

Why and how is having a bath could be fun? And this is the fun that we tend to forget as we grow older and wiser; how could we forget the fun bathe could bring? Is it more than just water in the bath? A coral reef with treasures hidden underneath perhaps, protected by a big octopus! Maybe taking a bath each day is another adventure.

As we grow older, having a bath becomes just another routine of the day. It's very considered dreadful especially in the morning. What have gone wrong? Where is the joy and adventure of our childhood?

The drawing perhaps is a way to capture the essence of joy in bathing which we all used to have that may become lost in time. After finishing this painting I realised maybe our pursuit of happiness is closer than we think; by making and enjoying each moment of the day to the fullest!

I've started painting this with a very difficult task to paint my two boys for the first time. I have not been practicing my portrait skill for a long time. But they are the love of my life, how can I not paint them? I take the challenge and try my best to capture their image on canvas although it would surely be difficult. When I first anticipated the painting I thought it would not be good enough or real enough to be labelled as a good painting but as long as my boys love it, it is good enough for me.
Later, when I submitted the painting to our local public gallery for an exhibition, this painting was selected on the merit of the "expression of joy, playful and vibrant colour" I was surprised! I guess when you put so much "Love" into you work it will overcome any odds in life. I drew my boys because I love them so much. No matter how difficult it is to draw one; and now they are in gallery. Love will bring you to a place you'd never imagine.