Monday, 15 May 2017


The sight of graveyard to many is mostly haunting and daunting. FADZLAN RIZAN however chose to express his love for his dearly departed Grandmama by drawing what would have been his late Grandmama's gravestone.
As I entered into his home gallery, I was greeted by this gravestone measuring 0.76 x 2.03 meter in size. Most people may think that putting a gigantic tombstone facing the entrance of one's home is like inviting the angel of death into their home. Some may also think the gravestone art piece draws misfortune to be fall upon the owner.
But what many forget is that as Muslims we are frequently reminded about death and how close death draws towards us as we live day by day. In fact the act of sleeping is described as momentary death because our souls left our bodies to roam freely in different dimension and return as we wake up.
Despite the controversy that this art piece may bring, I personally think it is very romantic of the artist to commemorate his late grandma through this artwork. When asked if the piece is a mimic of what laid on his grandmama's grave, Fadzlan told that it is not a copy of the actual stone but rather this is what he would have crafted for her.
The art of gravestone masonry is foreign to most but if you are to ask the makers, they would explain that the shape of the stones are determined by the gender and the age of the duly departed. Fadzlan's gigantic art piece was based on the actual gravestones available in the market. Unlike the actual gravestone which usually bears the name of the departed, the inscription of this gravestone is that of a du'a for the departed soul.
The silhouette of the stone measures 0.43 x 1.60 meter. The size is double that of the actual tomb laid on Muslims grave, which symbolizes its grand place in the heart of the artist.
As we talked about his art piece and how it is transpired from his dearly departed grandmama, his eyes were teary. I guess this is the artist way of showcasing his love and how much he misses the lady who raised him up with affection and showered him with love till her last breath. Alfatihah and May Allah bless Fadzlan's late grandmama and permit their souls to be reunited in the hereafter.

Friday, 30 May 2014


Alhamdulillah, our 2 artworks are among the FINALIST for Laman Seni | Urban Art Competition which was held from 18 April - 23 May 2014.Wish and Pray for our success! 
“Laman Seni 7” is the continuity of “Laman Seni 2” project. Similar to the previous project in Section 2, this project will be focussing on the improvement of the backlane. This project will be directing more towards art and architecture appreciation. It will be a platform for the younger generations especially students, to express their talents and fresh ideas. In short, “Laman Seni 7” is aimed to be the focal point for the youth to congregate to utilise the given space for the benefit of the community. 
refer :

Category : 3D Painting
The idea is to transform the series of air-cond condenser machines into large green leaves. The leaves grow from a tree that has 7 rainbow color roots. The colors reflect how our daily life is painted with variety of colors that root together and become a huge tree of experiences. This tree of experiences will later generate into fruitful mature brainy thoughts. 


Category : Street Furniture
Taking any existing old trees around Shah Alam and to carve the trunk into a sitting surface. Concrete block is use to support the timber log from getting wet and act like a stump. The rest of the branches is left bare in form as it can become a place for fun activities. It can consist several trees log and re-arrange together to become a linear sculpture.  

Saturday, 2 February 2013

POSTER DESIGN : PAM Youth Portable Pavilion Design Competition

In conjunction with the premier Green Exhibition EcoB (the green component of DatumKL) PAM Youth is organizing a pavilion design competition.The winning entry will not only be entitled to a cash prize but will see their creation being built. 

The pavilion is intended to house and exhibit youth works and projects during the EcoB exhibition and in any future event deemed suitable. The spirit of the design must embody green concepts such as re-usability  recyclability, modularization and efficiency.

It is intended that the pavilion be part of the community engagement that PAM has with the public at large and particularly the youths.

So hurry, show the world how creative you are &
make a mark for yourself at EcoB 2013!

Poster credits to : dipapansembilan

Friday, 26 August 2011

The Story of Twin Towers

Medium : Acrylic & Marker on canvas
Size : 60 cm x 90 cm
Created : 2011
Status : Private collection

There are many places that we had visited in our lifetime. Some places we went again and again, others we visited just once. But it doesn’t mean the place we went several times is the place that we loved the most (non conducive work place) or perhaps the place we went only once (Makkah) is the place we hope to be in forever.

In reality we rarely counted how many times we visit certain places; we are naturally attracted or forced to go places. Only a few would then think; “why do I like or hate this place so much?” It also differs with one another. Someone would love to spend many hours in a shopping mall but some may not.

The importance of knowing or realising the places we had visited in lifetime is perhaps to realise the reflection of who we are and what we have become.

My boys love going to KLCC especially its park and the art gallery. Whether because they genuinely love it or basically being influenced or drag by me is something they will decide as they grow up. Like many others who’d promote and recommend us to a certain place, only we can then decide if we like the place or not.

This painting of the twin towers was symbolically made by these two brothers to simply draw their favourite place. Both however express their own story differently. Azhan’s is the on the left while Nine’s on the right. They observe the place differently.

Architecturally the KLCC twin towers is a fine building but for a child it is a dull building, period. They only part that they like about it is the tallness of the structure. What they have done here is to add colours and make the fa├žade more cheerful and fun as much as they had in the park. The big tree represents the park that they love so much and Nine’s transformed building next to it act as a giant robot.

Artistically, despite of both using bright colours (happy colours), they made us catch a sense of calmness and chaos. Try and cover each side of the painting at a time and you will see it as nothing but an ordinary colourful naive painting. The feeling of calmness and chaos only becomes so obvious when this two abstracts are painted next to each other on the same canvas.

The effect of changing feeling in the same artwork makes me realised that we can perceive life differently depending on how we relate it to our life. We feel grateful if we compare our live with the less fortunate poor people, but we feel resentment as we compare to people who are more successful and richer than us. Instead, the painting actually tells us to look within ourselves and find what we really feel.

I love the part where they wrote ‘I love Malaysia’ right in the middle. I personally perceive the painting as: “despite the imperfection or differences of people, places or country, we can always find happiness as long as there’s still love in our heart.”