Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Title : The Magical Fish
Media : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 40.6 cm x 50.8 cm
Painted by : Muhammad Zulkarnain (Nine)
Year made : March 2009
Status : Private Collection

The illustration is about Nine's imaginary magical fish. In the video attached, you'll hear his explanation on his inspiration.

This is Nine's first canvas drawing. He did lot more small sketches on paper and combine painting with his brother Azhan earlier.

I give total freedom to my boys in drawing their sketches. They can choose any subject of interest, how they want to draw and as many as they want. However when they've decided to paint it on canvas they need to prove to me that their sketched idea well worth for painting. You will be amazed to listen at how they persuade me to let proceed to canvas painting.

To be honest, I always give a little pressure to them when they've started to paint on the canvas. I want them to understand the difference between sketches and final painting. Paint and canvas are not cheap and they need to value that as well. So next time when they decide to paint on canvas, they must ensure that they really want to paint it!

I saw Nine scribble a sketch of this fish on their black board at home. It is rather strange and unique fish. When I asked Nine about his painting, his explanation was even more bizarre than his painting. Based on his explanation and sketch I decided the drawing should be on canvas. He was really excited to hear that his sketch would go on a canvas. Because it is his first solo canvas, I did not put such big expectation and pressure. I wanted him to enjoy his first painting experience whilst learning to take pressure accordingly.
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