Born on Mac 2001 Muhammad Azhan or An is the eldest son in the family. He has difficulties in speech during childhood but have significant ability to sketch.  Accompanying his father in architect firm during early childhood has given him an early exposure to creative world.

In 2006 he has travelled alone with his father to study abroad. This period has given him a very important breakthrough in gaining his confidence in international arena at an early stage. His passion in art has widened into design as he explores his first lego toys. He stared at sketch ideas of design and his imagination.

When his little brother joins him to go to school at England, this reunion has taught him the value of family love. He started to collaborate with his brother to paint on canvases. His dad exposes him to the use of poster paint and later acrylic which he finds more expressive.

As he develops fondness in arts and design he started to enjoy visiting galleries and museums in England. He is learning more from his father, school, internet, documentary, etc. This sharpens his ability in visualising his idea and design more convincingly. Later on, his artworks were displayed at the school’s mini gallery and published in school pamphlets. He had his first group art exhibition when he was in year 2.

Afterwards he develops a keen interest in music. He was selected to perform a single at his school’s summer fest. He is currently undergoing classical guitar lessons to learn more about music.

In 2010 he moves back to Malaysia following his parents to look after his grandparents. It has been a life changing experience for Azhan. Over the years living abroad has transforms him into a confident young lad who isn’t shy to express and explain his unique ideas. He has had the opportunity to see the Picasso, Van Gogh, and Warhol; some of the grandmasters of art and a tiny glimpse of the world. And he looks forward to keep moving ahead towards achieving his dream no matter what may come.

"Keep moving forward"