DI PAPAN SEMBILAN art and design studio gallery is a unique place where children’s and adult’s artworks are made and displayed under one platform. Dissolving this boundary between adult and children is the mantra of this organisation. It brings richness, sprits and energy from both generations. We believe this relationship offers a deeper and lasting connection to us. As Pablo Picasso said; "All children are born artists. The problem is to remain artist as we grow up."

DI PAPAN SEMBILAN also upholds family values through artwork creation process. Its studio will fulfil both adult and children’s craving in their creative exploration and offer a dialogue between both. Along the process we hope to promote better relationship and understanding between family members.Hence, the name DI PAPAN SEMBILAN is simply the combination of family members’ names to epitomise the strong family value message.

Dina+Papa+Azhan+Nine = DI PAPAN SEMBILAN

DI PAPAN SEMBILAN also aspires to become a foundation towards ‘art relief’ for the unfortunate and at the same time have strong desire and talent for arts. We hope the talented soul would not lose in despair despite their unfortunate life. We hope to save these unique talent trough ‘art relief’ and provide them assistance and strength to pursue art internationally. Technique and craftsmanship can be taught-but creativity is unique to the artist. Therein lays the mystery and beauty.

DI PAPAN SEMBILAN is taking a step in meeting the challenge of vision 2020. It contributes towards establishing a fully caring society. Creating a caring society and a culture of love, the social system in which the community more than the self, human welfare does not revolve around the state or the individual but around a strong family system.


Family and people with love and imagination, collaborate to create an enjoyable, memorable artworks that lift our spirits and bring confidence to keep moving forwards towards a fully caring society.   

1. Family & People 
2. Love 
3. Imagination 
4. Collaborations 
5. Enjoyable 
6. Memorable 
7. Spirit 
8. Confidence 
9. Keep moving forward