Born on December 1979, Fadzlan Rizan Johani or better known as paklan is the eldest son in his family. He’s the only member in his family pursuing architecture whilst the rest of his siblings chose to become doctors. Born and later brought up by his grandmother in Penang Malay village has exposed him to the life in a small village except big cities.

However, when he moved to the city of Kuala Lumpur to join his parents and to start schooling, everything changed. He met his uncle who later helped him to sketch his parents’ picture which had sparked an interest in sketching and painting.

With the support of his parents, he participated and won many art competitions during his schooldays. Early exposure to the world of art helps develop a very strong foundation and passion for art. He made a debut in the arena of art when he joined an A-level student group exhibition called “Pesona” in 1998 held at the PWTC. This year saw his artwork being featured in magazine.

Studying architecture had taken Fadzlan’s time away from being active in producing artwork. Despite this, Fadzlan takes his designing work in architecture very seriously that he was engaged as a design consultant for reputable development in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. His involvement in such reputable built had won him an employment in the United Kingdom later. His interest in architecture design is best known through where he expresses ideas, opinion and critique.

Fadzlan had worked in the UK architect firm for nearly five years. It was only by the year 2008 when he got the chance (after the slowdown of architectural works during UK recession) to rekindle with his love for art with the help of his sons who showed the same passion in arts. This was also the year Fadzlan found a new love for the use of acrylic.

As he picked up his love for art and worked on a few on his own, he was later accepted into local art society known as Bury Art Society, Manchester which helps him to venture into the international arena. He is the first and only Malaysian member in that society and his later works won him a ticket to exhibit his labour love at public and private galleries in the Northwest. At the peak of his career he made a difficult decision to return to Malaysia and be close to his ailing parents.

Now, he is back in Malaysia to continue his passion together with his comrades. After a life changing experience abroad he believes in producing artworks that give a sense of life to people, and ones that enable us to pause and reflect the values of life.  He hopes his love in paints could also connect the message of love to others. Through his works, he hopes they will stimulate thinking and enrichment, since art, undeniably contributes to happiness.  

"Love will bring you to a place you’ve never imagined..." Paklan