Born on January 1979, Wardina Lothpi or Dina is the complete opposite of her other half, Fadzlan. She couldn’t draw, sketch or even paint but she has a keen interest in sewing. Watching her mother and aunt made beautiful tailored clothing since she was little had later intrigued her to try and take up sewing. She didn’t pursue her interest right away though.

She left her interest hanging in the closet for quite sometimes as she pursued her studies in Information Technology and later a Master in Business Administration. It was only when her partner presented her with a sewing machine as her birthday gift that she picked up her interest in sewing again.

Unlike her tailor aunt, Wardina decides to make patchwork as it gives her more freedom to explore and experiment with colours and fabrics. She read books on types of fabric and how to work with each type. Her very first patchwork was a blanket which she sewed using her sons’ treasured old clothes. Wardina is currently working on a few patchwork projects.

Her love for fabric, colour and clothes motivates her to also read up on fashion, styles and trends that she sometime experiments in her daily clothes to work or going out.