Born on January 2003, Muhammad Zulkarnain or nick named, Nine is the second child in the family. He is the most hyper in the family. Ever since he was a baby, he could never sit still for even five minutes. He loves to do quick sketches of people and things around him and due to this; doodle pad has been his loyal companion from the moment he could hold a pencil. Best friend of Azhan, but the absolute opposite of Azhan yet as enthusiast as Azhan is in studying music. Attending the same guitar lesson together helps Nine and Azhan to learn more from each other.

Nine has the same interest as Azhan in art. However, his hyper-activeness makes it a challenge for him to spend so many hours working on a single painting. Despite this, Nine has worked on a few artworks in collaboration with Azhan. Nine’s different personality with his vibrant brush strokes complements Azhan’s detailed paintworks in their collaborative art pieces.

As the youngest he sometimes acts as if he stills a baby boy and this reflect on his drawings. His naive arts are the most valuable signature in Nine. His art is much more pure, expressive and original which we believe on same level with professional naive’s artist! 

"My favourite colour is multi-coloured."Nine