Saturday, 2 February 2013

POSTER DESIGN : PAM Youth Portable Pavilion Design Competition

In conjunction with the premier Green Exhibition EcoB (the green component of DatumKL) PAM Youth is organizing a pavilion design competition.The winning entry will not only be entitled to a cash prize but will see their creation being built. 

The pavilion is intended to house and exhibit youth works and projects during the EcoB exhibition and in any future event deemed suitable. The spirit of the design must embody green concepts such as re-usability  recyclability, modularization and efficiency.

It is intended that the pavilion be part of the community engagement that PAM has with the public at large and particularly the youths.

So hurry, show the world how creative you are &
make a mark for yourself at EcoB 2013!

Poster credits to : dipapansembilan