Thursday, 5 February 2009

Escaping LEGO City

Title : Escaping LEGO City
Media : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 29.5cm x 40.0 cm
Painted by : Azhan
Year made : 2008
Status : Private Collection

The Devils have come to destroy a city. The people in the city are scared. They dashed into their houses for safety as they're about to face this great danger. At the brink of destruction, an agent jet arrives to protect them. The super jet is equipped with missile that could destroy the devils. Inside the city the police have come to protect the ordinary civilians with their shield. More help arrive in the form of ninja tank to guard the accessing road into the city.

The Agent

The Police

The Ninja

The Devils have stolen the gold from the people and try to run away with it. All the super heroes are coming together to protect the city from the devil of destruction and fight the villains in their quest to return the gold back to it's people.


This is actually the first full painting on canvas done by Azhan. It was painted in a small A3-size canvas. I believe it is a good first step for him to start with a small canvas because I will know how much energy that he could commit to a painting. This will give me a bench mark to what kind of ideal canvas size my son could cops

During that early step, he was given the freedom to decide the subject of drawing without much discussion with me. However, I eventually slowly imposed argument on him in his next painting on the choice of subject matter. This discussion on theme for the painting is important for the children to:

1. Enrich creativity

2. Build their confidence

3. Develop conceptual thinking

4. Able to negotiate

5. Understand people

Later, from this small canvas Azhan's painting skill was tested on a bigger scale. The DREAM ISLAND was the result of the test.

There are a lot more things about my boys that I'd need to learn, understand and explore just as much as I need to learn about myself. As you can see the painting that he chose is a little controversial as it features war scene. It was actually an influence of their Lego Agent series that they have. He's been sketching it a lot to illustrate the scene in his Lego land.

At the time this painting was made, he'd never seen a real life war conflict. He basically knows about a brief history of the World Wars but never seen one (we don't watch violence movie). But when the latest war conflict happens he saw it on the news. Now he sees the bruises that war left. He once asked me about it and that was how I came up with the STOP THE WAR painting.

I don't know how he feels about the ugly face of war but surely after seing it on the news, I have not seen any single sketches about his Lego agent that involve war anymore.

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Kate said...

Wow, gorgeous artwork! I am so impressed. Wish these were my boys.

GreenLava said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Everyone should be. Talented kids and a very suppotive parent I might say. This blog is a great tool to motivate your kids.