Thursday, 4 June 2009


Title : Disini pelangi bermula (Here the rainbow start)
Media : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 60.5 cm x 60.5 cm
Painted by : Fadzlan Rizan Johani
Year made : 2009

Somewhere at the beginning of a rainbow the joy and happiness grow. Here the sunflower blossoms, the caterpillar transforms into beautiful butterfly and the children found their playground. This is where flying kites could seem like touching the sky, or even making friends with the rabbits.

Do you remember the excitement you once felt as a child every time you see the rainbow? How the sight of it would make you wonder where the beautiful prism ends and the path it promises along the 7 colours. Remember how we used to see the world with pure and innocent Love in our hearts. Would it hurt us to dream and believe in something that could bring hope? The future should be as bright as the sunflowers or as high as the kite could fly.

Do we need to forget those early days when we were once called children. What does the impact it has as we embark from our childhood into the adulthood? Maybe when we become parents we should search for our childhood buried deep beneath adolescent in order to better understand our children. Knowing oneself could be a vital part to change our children's future.


It's been a very stressful year for every one whose life is affected by the economic downturn. It feels like life is just doom and gloom for most of us. Instead of capturing the gloomy feeling, I turn into remembering those happy moments in life. I hope by visualising our happiness it could be a saviour to uplift us from the misery of depression.

I've lost many friends and colleagues due to this economic mess. It is making me unhappy and at the same wonder if it'll be my turn next? Should I be worried? Or should I look beyond the dark clouds where the beautiful rainbow sits?

Whatever that may happen I pray and hope it would be for the best decision for us and open up new opportunity beyond imaginary. Thus all this happy moment should be treasured on canvas as it should not be lost within our hearts.


Angels Recommend said...

I really like this piece very visually stimulating. Ill be adding more canvases and other designs very soon make sure you and your boys take a look.

Saniatul Wada Johani said...

Abg!!!!lame tak dgr kabor..sori2 awa sibuk nk dah abis, free skit..awa baru tgk gambar baru kat!!!!!!cantik giler..just 1 word...its absolutely beautiful, lovely,inspiring and i completely adores it..( that more than 1 word)

Hafiz Jamaluddin said...

Kewl blog.. very inspiring.. I think I should do this with my kids.. great idea to spend time with your kids while enjoying what you like to do..

Othman Juliana said...

great rainbow indeed!!!
i've seen ur talent since u was in primary,... (",)
teringt2 rumah kampung yg Ijan buat dgn lidi cungkil gigi tu,..


Hafiz: Yes, if possible do spend times more together with your kids, because time really flies.


Kak nona: thanks, still got lot more to learn to be a master. Thanks for remembering me back those childhood artwork;
I guess I had a very long history in arts which I had enjoy the most…kind of almost lost it in this life “rat race”.

Harris Nasril said...

beauty!.u put lots of details in it. how long does you take to finish this master piece?


tak tau berapa lama...buat sikit2. bila ada mood jer sambung..haha