Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Title : Autumn Trees
Media : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 31.0x 29.0 cm
Painted by : Fadzlan Rizan Johani
Year made : 2 November 2009

by: Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, lie strewn around he here;
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, how sad, how cold, how drear!
How like the hopes of childhood's day,
Thick clust'ring on the bough!
How like those hopes in their decay--
How faded are they now!
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, lie strewn around me here;
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, how sad, how cold, how drear!

Wither'd leaves, wither'd leaves, that fly before the gale:
Withered leaves, withered leaves, ye tell a mournful tale,
Of love once true, and friends once kind,
And happy moments fled:
Dispersed by every breath of wind,
Forgotten, changed, or dead!
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, lie strewn around me here!
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves, how sad, how cold, how drear!


Harris Nasril said...


Suhaila said...


Mohd Zahir Yen said...

"great artwork..ada masa gak buat painting2 ni pk'lan?"

Mohd Farid Suleiman said...

"A+++ lapan bintang"

Zafar Rozaly said...

"ni nak crit paklan...
I feel this is a brave, unreserved interpretation of the otherwise cold, dreary, sad, withered and mournful English Autumn landscape. The colours might allude you more to a Laurentian fall rather than the English maritime west coast climate.
But seen from the eye of a foreigner will surely deconstruct the whole meaning of autumn altogether.
Or this would look great in any modern living room wall.
Job well done."

Karim Hamid said...

"Wow, Pak Lan... I love it... Looks like it's drawn while you were up on a tree, yourself... The perspective really rekindles good memories of my childhood... Warm and mundane, but surely comforting..."

Jade Ang said...

"i thk its just unpretentious and speaks through the heart. no mumbo jumbo, no BIG theory. just straight from the heart --- the truest form of art. i am touched by your honesty, Fadzlan."

Syed Ikhwan Hidayat said...

"thanks.. always nice to view hang punya artwork.."

Hazrian Adrin said...

"still got the poetry in ya!"

Din Amri said...


Matt Halim said...

"Nice Port."

Mimi said...

"I thought I were the only one who defeats winter by painting the season in my mind"

Azmel Ainul said...

"Beautiful, Pak Lan :)"

Kay Kamal said...

"Superb work! I love it.
Bila bole tengok your art work in person nie??"

Amry Idris said...

"Love it Paklan..."

Suhana Binti Sulaiman said...



Dear friends,

Thank you for all of your constructive comments. This quick painting was done during my weekly meeting with Bury Art Society. Honestly, I’m still brushing up my old skills and still far from being the master of art. However, presenting these artworks is not for the purpose of “showing off” this God given Talent, but as a big step in gaining one’s self-confidence. I really appreciate any critique and comments to help me better improve.


Zahir: Selalu buat painting lepas bebudak tido pkl 9 mlm. Buat sikit2.

Zafar: Lama tak dengar che pa crit…I’m very honoured to hear your critique. I will bear in mind your advise. Actually this is not an outdoor painting (sejuk nak buat kat luar) but just a theme for our recent art meeting. Maybe I need to tone down the green colour.

Karim: I wish I could be up on the tree. Tapi sejukkkk.

JD: “just straight from the heart --- the truest form of art “That is the difficult task that I have yet to achieve. Thanks for your thought.

Syed: Bila la pulak aku nak tgk hang punya artwork...Your artwork is more subtle.

Hazrian: This is not my own poetry. English poetry is in different league. Aku tulis sajak Melayu boleh ler..hehe.

Kak Mimi: I'd never painted autumn/winter before. The exercise just marvels me as much as yours.

Kay: Malu nak jemput mai tgk kat rumah usang. Sebelum nie dinding rumah tu warna merah tua..Baru minggu lepas cat kan warna putih. Sedap sikit nak tgk painting. Insyallah, 21 November nie kalau terpilih (bukan painting nie), saya jemput datang tgk kat Bury Art Gallery .

Zafar Rozaly said...

"Hidup Paklan! Wardina, stand by your man. Salam sayang to Azhan n 9."

Syamsul Rizal said...

"masyaAllah. subhanallah. Your hands and ideas are miraculous proves of god's wonders."

Yus Ome said...


Marfin said...

"an awesome piece of art...good work pak lan"

Kay Kamal said...

"Ok, look forward to it."

Othman Juliana said...

"bravo my bro, excellent work!
*ijan, kak nona still in love with your rumah kayu/kg dulu..."

Azzuddin Abd Aziz said...

"nicely done bro...alhamdulillah cantik..."