Thursday, 8 January 2009

Nine is 6 today!

Today is 8th January 2009. At approximately 11.30 tonight, our youngest darling Nine will turn six. Nine's given name is actually Zulkarnain but we simply like the nick Nine as it's easier for our little one to pronounce his nick. It isn't just us who prefer to call him Nine but his school teachers and friends as well. They thought the nick is brilliant as it's really short, simple and could easily be remembered. With this short nick, bubbly personality and most of all being the brightest among his friends, Nine is made famous at school. Believe it or not, this cheeky faced boy has been given Year 1 book when he was only in Foundation class because of his speedy learning ability. This year is the second time for Nine to celebrate his birthday in England. Unlike last year, when Nine wasn't sure what to do for his 5th birthday, this year Nine already has something in mind. He has been planning to celebrate his birthday at school with his classmates by bringing in some cake and crisp for his friends. Last week end, Nine kept reminding us to buy some crisps and things that he'd like to bring to school on his special day.
Since last Monday, Nine kept telling me the number of students in his class as I've told him that I'd bake cup cakes and decorate them for his birthday but he must let me know how many people I need to bake for. So, last night with some assistance from our little angels, we baked the cake and decorated it. And today, Nine brought all the 30 cup cakes to school. I'm sure Nine had had a wonderful time with his friends at school. It's a shame that we couldn't throw a proper birthday party at home for Nine as our place is too cramped even for small crowd. I just wish that someday I could afford to plan and throw birthday parties for our two boys...till then HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY NINE!!

by: Bed of Roses

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