Sunday, 25 January 2009

Treasure Map

Title : Treasure Map
Media : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 40.6cm x 50.8 cm
Painted by : Azhan & Zulkarnain (nine)
Year made : 12 January 2009
Edition : Original
Status : Private Collection
This is a map to a treasure hidden in the Dream Island. The treasure is marked with an 'X' and hidden deep in the island. To reach the treasure one needs to follow the red mark. The journey will first take them into a long dark tunnel. Then they need to cross valley of mountains. They also need to cross a lake full of sharks. Next they'd have to pass through a thick forest before eventually reaching the mark where the treasure is buried.

The painting is a an epitome of our journey through life. Everyone needs goals in life, even in preparing oneself for the afterlife. There is no easy way to achieve goal in life. There are a lot of obstacles in the journey but there's also fun along the way.

You may now be in your darkest moment in life (being in the dark cave) but there is still hope of coming out of it. Soon, along the route you will find fortune (pyramids) and must use it wisely to achieve your goal (cars or other material of wealth).
Having a good time (passing through the garden) doesn't mean that the challenge is over. You may someday lose track of your goal and trace back the right path (before you get drown and be eaten by the shark). You may also find other achievement during the journey (climb mountains). You may pass through a lot more ups and downs again several times (different height of trees in forest).
Again you may find another fortune (pyramids) but this time you are not using it to help you to reach your aim (a bigger house). So, this time the fortune turns out to be a distraction and avoid you from continuing the journey to reach for the goal (marked "X"). This shall be a reminder that the distance for achieving the goal is actually close in proximity but is unreachable if we become satisfied with the luxury that we currently possess.

"Whatever we want to be, whatever we want to do, we can do it, because we can. Go ahead, take that first step-just do it. The best of luck to you, and have fun along the way" Richard Branson

Treasure map is one of the drawing subjects that my boys love to sketch and scribble a lot. Instead of forcing them to do something that they're not used to, it is better to give them the opportunity to transform the rough sketches onto a big canvas.

The above description is philosophical view of a father looking at his sons' drawing. It is rather more amusing to listen to the artists' (Azhan & Nine) plain, simple, straight-forward explanation than complicated view of an adult. All I can say is, "Enjoy and have fun in the journey."

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Stamp-treasure map


arkrab said...

Oooh yeah! Fadzlan!
It always be more interesting when listening to the words of the artists themselves.

This bring our memories back to the usual 'Crit Session" that we normally had when presenting our works to the tutors, during college time, eh! I miss them now.


I'll keep watching you from a distance.

tajudin said...

yang merah tu macam wonderpets punya kapal, mesti boleh terbang tu

eworque said...

beautiful art. great talent in your kids.

Erika Husselmann said...

What wonderful art and what wonderful way to bond with your lovely boys and support their creative journeys. How lucky they are to have such a caring Papa - keep going!!! e^)

Kate said...

Wow, wonderful! So glad I visited your blog and found such talent. The gift of art and the love of art is a wonderful gift. These brothers are very talented. Thanks for sharing the beautiful art with us through your blog. Blessings always.

prasetyo budi santoso said...

Only one word:"Awesome!"


akrab: This a good idea to improve our children's confidence by means of presenting their artwork. I miss the crit session as well.

Tajuddin: hehe macam kapal terbang ek..mesti dalam imaginasi bebudak nie ia memang boleh terbang.

eworque: thanks. Your opinion have convinced them of their talent

Erika Husselmann: I hope all parents would get more involved with things that their children are interested in during the early years of their childhood...they grow up so fast.

Kate: Thanks Kate,this blog is one way to celebrate the talent. I hope they grow up having good talent as yours.

prasetyo budi santoso: Welcome to the blog. Your comment is needed to ensure that they are developing the right art skills.



young talent...great to be here and found such 5 year old nephew also likes to draw ...


may i ask...fadzlan guna software apa untuk buat stamp tu...kalau boleh share...


Sweet Alia: Thanks and terima kasih for your visit.

Children's art is priceless 'coz you won't get the same kind of drawing or brush stroke as they grow older. Enjoy it while you can.

The stamps are made using photoshop. There are techniques on making stamp. But I prefer to use an actual stamp and make alteration from it in photoshop. A similar way we do photo superimpose.

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