Monday, 19 January 2009

Pattern Home

Title : Pattern Home
Theme : Dream Home
Media : Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 40.6cm x 50.8 cm
Painted by : Azhan
Year made : 12 January 2009
Edition : Original
Status : Available
Home is one of the places that put colours into our life. It leaves us with a lot of emotion and feelings into our memories. The "Patterned Home" is trying to capture these feelings through different vibrant colours. The combination of these colours will leave us with different depth of feelings that will take us into the house or pull us out of it.
The story:
The painting is based on Azhan’s earlier school work. He said it was based on a famous painter but he couldn't remember who it is and neither can I.

Instead of transforming the same pattern onto the canvas we decided to carry on the “Dream home” theme. So Azhan decided to draw a series of simple houses. Some with chimney and some without. Azhan insisted on following the exact colour composition like he did at school even using the gold colour!

He has now learnt how to control the paint by following the colour lines. However, the brush stroke of the line colour is left as rough as possible by being flexible on the colour line thickness.

Thru this exercise he had learnt the variety of colour combination and compositions. Unlike his earlier school work where pastel colour was used, this acrylic-based painting creates more exciting colour transformation whenever his brush mix with different colour in the line. I tried not to impose on a perfect colour line instead taught him on better hand coordination.

During the process of completing his subject, Azhan made a few mistakes but it turned out to be rather unique and instead of correcting it I decided to leave it as it is. As an adult I tend to strict myself to rules and perfections. But looking back at my son’s naive paintings, it inspired me how mistakes could transform into a masterpiece.

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Azman Ishak said...

Wel.. what can i sez....
You've an artist famaly. Respected!
Nanti kalau aku pon dah ade famaly,
mende macam ni jugak aku nak ajar
kat anak-anak aku. so antara aku
dengan anak aku much closer.

thanks... aku suke cara bro train
anak bro...


Mr Azman,
My respect to you too Mr. Azman!
Thank you very much for your support.
You are right! This is one family activity that makes us closer.

However not all children are interested in doing painting. Even my children sometimes get moody or feel lazy to do anything at all.

I think the key is to be supportive at any activity (sports, reading, writing, etc) that they do and get these activity done together.

I'm merely successful in guiding them in life...but I will try my best to get it right.

I hope our children could live life to the fullest, fulfill their dreams and become big-hearted person.

Dan pastinya menjadi seorang muslim yang soleh.

please leave any advice for improvement.

SCL said...

FADZ - thanks for the kind comments on my site - yours is a very interesting concept, and one I have not come across before - if you wish we can be mutually supportive - I will put a permanent link for your site on my blog-roll - if you would like to do the same for me - respect again.



Thanks Steve,
Actually, I just want to do art project together with my boys. I never thought that this is a unique concept.

You are obviously more experienced in the art world and must know better of what is interesting or what's not.

I'm excited that you've never come across similar concept before. This could mean that my art project may be truly original.

Sure thing, I'd put your link on this site. I really hope that you could support us because now my boys are more excited!

Thank you very much.

pencilcolour said...

Di usia yang sangat muda NINE sudah bisa menghasilkan karya seni yang luar biasa. Saya baru bisa mengerjakan yang seperti itu ketika usia 12 tahun. Terus berkarya ya NINE. Saya yakin NINE akan jadi orang yang HEBAT. InsyaALLAH.

Malang City - INDONESIA

Rachel H said...

I think Andy Warhol might be the artist they were trying to remember - it reminds me of his print portraits, like the one of Marilyn Monroe. He would do lots in squares using different colour combinations.

Lovely work - well done boys!

maximuswiser79 said...

Fadzlan - I think your son is referring to Andy Warhol